Bear Creek Junior Sports is dedicated to the development of youth sports in the Southwest Metro, Bear Creek, and Lakewood area by providing boys the opportunity to learn and play the game in a fun and challenging atmosphere.Lakewood, CO 80227

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Organized Youth Sports Programs

Bear Creek Junior Sports Association  (BCJSA)

Bear Creek Junior Sports Association (BCJSA) is a volunteer run, non-profit youth sports organization. We are dedicated to the development of youth athletes in the Southwest Metro (Denver, Lakewood, Littleton) area by providing boys and girls the opportunity to learn and play a variety of youth sports in a fun and challenging atmosphere. We offer the following youth sports programs:

BaseballBasketball | CheerFootball | Golf |LacrosseSoccer Softball

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Why Play for Bear Creek Junior Sports Association (BCJSA)?
1. Partners with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).  This doesn't mean that we don't teach the kids the value of winning and/or losing; we play every game to win.  We always do this within and while teaching our players the boundaries of respecting the game by honoring the Rules, Opponents, Officials, Team-mates, and Self.  Winning is important!  We do go the extra step (Goal #1) to teach them life lessons through sport.  (Click here to learn about PCA)   Every parent who has a child registered in BCJSA will have the opportunity to learn how to make their son or daughters participation in youth sports more enjoyable.  Every family that attends one of our Positive Coaching Alliance parent workshops and who is a current member of BCJSA will receive a copy of the Positive Sports Parenting by Jim Thompson, which provides 60 concise pages of insightful and sensible advice on how parents can help children get the most from sports.  A fantastic resource for parents, coaches, and players is available at the Positive Coaching Alliance Development Zone (Click Here)

2. Safety is our #1 Priority:  Our number one priority is to ensure that every child is safe.  Bear Creek Junior Sports Association (BCJSA) works very hard to accomplish this.  Some examples includes, but are not limited to:  All coaches, assistant coaches, and parents who help for more than 1-hour per week are required to complete a back ground check.  We have several portable automated external defibrillator (AED) that are at our fields.  We work closely to the owners of our playing facilities (fields, gyms, diamonds, etc.) to check for any safety issues.


3. Fun is Essential: Having fun while being safe is without question the most important component of any sport experience at any age or level. Whether you are a parent of a young child or a veteran coach, it is absolutely critical that your kids enjoy themselves when they play.

The reasons for this are somewhat obvious but important to reinforce. When kids have fun, they are more likely to continue to play. Fostering a love of exercise and athletic involvement has life-long benefits, including improved physical and mental health as well as academic performance. When kids don't have fun, they are less likely to play the next season and may drop out of sports altogether.

Researchers have found that anywhere from 30-70% of kids drop out of sports by the time they are 13 years old, and the number one reason why they quit is that they aren't having any fun.  From US Lacrosse (Click Here for Full Article)   While some programs/clubs will tell you how many kids are playing on top elite teams, we'll show pictures of kids smiling!  We like to say, "We are winning regardless of what the scoreboard reads!"

4. Non-Profit:  Many youth organizations are "for profit", while Bear Creek Junior Sports Association (BCJSA) is 100% volunteer run, non-profit organizations.  We are recognized by the IRS as a 501 (3) (c) organization and have an outside Certified Public Accountant file our annual tax return.  This is important as everyone in our program is here for the kids and we are only only interested in your child's best interests, it is not just a job to us.

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